A good meal can transport you to unfamiliar territory, bring back nostalgic memories, or make you fall in love.  For me, preparing food is a spiritual and energetic process.  It not only requires confidence in knowledge and skills, but also trusting the gut and an innate desire to make people feel happy, healthy, and nurtured.  Everyone has a relationship with it.  The best part about food is the connections it can initiate - from land to farmer, farmer to chef, chef to chef, chef to eater, or from eater to eater.  Food is an invitation for camaraderie and compassion.  It is a chance to be creative and innovative.  It is an opportunity to heal and love.  It is a form of expression and communication.

It is life & it is beautifully delicious. 



Karley was raised on crappy food; frozen dinners, canned veggies, diet sodas, fast food.  For many of her younger years she was blissfully unaware about where food came from and the impact it can have on so many parts of our lives. 

Then in college, one trip to a local farmer's market on a Fall day changed everything for her.  She was introduced to food in a whole new way - a local, organic, and sustainable way. 

In 2010 she adopted a fully plant-based diet.  It forced her to get in the kitchen and learn how to turn vegetables into tasty meals.  She discovered she wasn't half bad and all of the plant nutrition made her feel better than she ever had!

Once Karley graduated school with a degree in Entrepreneurship, she felt compelled to dive deeper into this newfound love for good food.  She apprenticed on a few small-scale organic farms where she became the unofficial snack provider. She would gladly turn all of the 'ugly' produce that didn't make it to market into tasty treats for her fellow farmers and friends. These experiences showed Karley where she really needed to be:  cooking professionally. 

She found a fully plant-based culinary school in Austin, TX and immersed herself in healing philosophies and culinary techniques.   Cooking for others brings out an energy in Karley that feels like her true calling and she has been doing it around the globe ever since. 

When Karley isn't cooking, she prefers the simple things and can be found walking amongst nauture, swimming in the sea, reading a good book, hunting for vintage treasures, exploring a new place, singing loudly, and (of course!) eating good food with good company.  अहिंसा